“Outlander” will improve your sex life, according to Amazon Prime

History has shown that favorite TV shows can have an impact on your everyday life. Witness “The Rachel” haircut, or Don Draper’s unprecedented ability to bring back thin lapels, skinny ties, and Heinz ads. In a new ad campaign, Amazon Prime aims to show the potential IRL upside of watching shows like Jack Ryan, Outlander, and Vikings.

Created by Droga5 London, it’s a funny, noble effort to get us laughing, while reminding us just what shows are available on Amazon (sometimes exclusively). Surprisingly, of all the streaming services, Amazon may have the least recall for what shows it actually produces. Most TV ads focus on the shows themselves, while here we get a fun look at the potential results of watching. Odds are if you get results anything like the couple watching Outlander here, you’ll definitely remember.