The Outline has laid off all of its staff writers

[Photo: ninabobo88/Pixabay]

The Outline, the Joshua Topolsky-founded culture website, laid off the last of its two remaining staff writers today. On Twitter, one staff writer, Paris Martineau, announced the shakeup. I’ve confirmed that the other full-time staff member, Ann-Derrick Gaillot, has also been let go. And other non-editorial employees seem to be impacted too. Editors appear to be the only full-time editorial staff the site has left.

It’s unclear what the Outline‘s plans are. The company does not appear to be folding, but may simply rely on freelance work from now on. Sources tell me six people in total were let go. According to the site’s staff list, the company had 24 employees (which included the six people just laid off). I reached out to Topolsky for comment and will update this post if I hear back.

The company has felt some turbulence of late. Earlier this summer, the site cut editorial staff from its Power section. Instead of admitting the cuts were due to financial woes, in a statement to me at the time, Topolsky described the axed writers as “underperforming employees.”

Last May the company raised $5.15 million. Perhaps all that money went to designing the website.CGW